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Looking to sell your home? Getting the right agent to see the job through is imperative to your success. Many agents will simply list the home on the MLS® system and call it a day. Thats where my approach differs. I believe in removing barriers for you and providing you with knowledge and expertise that sets you up to win from the start. 

Here are my Top 5 important things to know about listing your home.

Failure to Prepare is Preparation to Fail
You know that ugly dirty window sill that you've been staring at for the past 5 years? A potential buyer will notice that as well. It's easy to look past things in our own home but when listing your home you really need to stand in the shoes of a buyer. Marketing your home is your chance to show off all the positive things about your home and sometimes we just need an extra little shine to get it where it needs to be. It is definitely a lot of work getting a home ready to show, but getting it in "tip top" condition is always a plus! 

First of all we need to have the conversation of what to fix, improve, or leave as is. This really is the first step in a sequence of decisions that will get us fully prepared to list your home. This is gut check time, real conversations are had here and I will be brutally honest with you. Your success directly drives mine so let's work together as a team to get a win! 

I have a long list of trusted supportive crew members who can help us along the way. Whether you're looking for someone to improve your kitchen, patch and paint, clean, or whatever you can think of, I can point out someone to help us get to our goal. 

Need discounts? I have you covered there too. From light fixtures, to paint, to storage, to duct cleaning and more, leverage my discounts as a bonus with working with me!
List Price is Crucial
You get one shot to come to market for the first time and your list price will have a direct impact on the amount of activity you will receive for showings. Market knowledge is key here. We will analyze what has recently sold as well as the trends with respect to list to sale price ratios, and weigh that against the supply and demand for the area. The numbers don't lie! We have a natural tendency of being a little more emotional about our home and sometimes can over value it in our minds. The analysis of past sales should be a baseline check to see if our preconceived notion of value is aligned with current market conditions.

I am often asked "can we start higher on price and wait for someone to offer?" The answer I will always give is sure...but we need to understand the ramifications of making this decision. A home that is priced as close to market value as possible will sell faster. If you miss the mark on price, expect to be on the market longer. The longer on market, the more frustrating the process of selling becomes as you are continuously cleaning and preparing for showings that ultimately provide feedback that the home is "priced too high".. still no offer.

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese" - Willie Nelson

I just love that quote, and it's true. Timing is everything! Putting a product to market at the wrong time can yield little success. We need to assess our environment and decide whether our timing to hit the market is appropriate. We might ask ourselves such questions as;
"What else are we competing against?"
"What is the weather forecast?"
"Is there an event that might delay a buyers focus on looking or buying a home?"
and the list goes on..

In essence, this is a conversation that must happen when listing your home. Hitting the market with perfect timing and perfect pricing is half the battle!

Ok here's the secret, selling a home really boils down to three things, Price, Location & Condition. They directly affect your "marketability" and in turn the amount of days on market. If you list a home that has a perfect location and the condition is outstanding but your list price is significantly over fair market value.. guess what? We have an uphill battle! Understanding these three points will actually provide a lot of insight into who we should market the home to as well. For example, if your home is completely surrounded by schools, parks, daycares and more of the like.. shouldn't we try and cater our marketing towards a certain demographic that would be looking for that type of home? 

My marketing systems are current to todays world and reach the demographics we intend to market to. Together with list price and timing, and the proper preparation, we have already taken care of the majority of the difficult work.  Let's hit the market!

Working With the Right Agent
Lets be honest, there's lots of us out there so its not always easy narrowing down your selections. Generally speaking, around 20% of the REALTORS® out there account for roughly 80% of the sales. Theres a reason why a thin margin sells more too. Experience, Knowledge, Expertise, and Work Ethic. Get to know more about me here

Your home is likely your biggest asset and you should have peace in mind knowing that you can trust your REALTOR®. I take a personal yet professional approach to selling and my integrity means everything to me. Want to hear what other people have said about me? Click here

I thank you for taking the time to read this through to the end. If you are thinking of selling and would like to have an in person meet and greet to talk more about your goals, please fill in the form below and I'll be in touch ASAP!
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9 Aspen Estates Road $169,900

2 2 1200 2004 Steinbach Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302569)
20074 216 Highway $1,100,000

Grunthal Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302558)
11 McConkey Crescent $104,990

Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302668)
23 McConkey Crescent $104,990

Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302683)
46 Mcconkey Crescent $419,990

3 2 1310 Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302612)
44 McConkey Crescent $447,990

3 2 1552 Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302615)
96 Van Mol Road $124,900

3 1 1070 1977 St Andrews Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302655)
48 McConkey Crescent $414,990

2 2 1214 Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302601)
45 McConkey Crescent $391,990

3 2 840 Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302588)
47 McConkey Crescent $411,990

2 2 1168 Stonewall Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302593)
796 VOYAGEUR Road $105,444

Ste Agathe Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302505)
242 Tyson Trail $469,888

3 3 1481 2023 Winnipeg Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302419)
47 Glenella Garden $559,900

4 3 1645 2023 Winnipeg Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302401)
173 Breckenridge Drive $484,900

3 2 1218 2023 Niverville Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302378)
395 Morley Avenue $159,900

3 1 703 1925 Winnipeg Manitoba RE/MAX One Group (202302229)
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